About Us

As a Christian doctor, I believe that God has the ultimate power and control over lives and health. Therefore, I continually rely on him for guidance and strength as I perform my duties.

I practice modern medicine with great emphasis on prevention, including evaluation of your risk of developing health problems. I completely disagree with the notion that one should only go to the doctor when sick. It is dangerous and outdated to think that way. I strongly believe that knowledge is power and aspire to provide you with all the information need to truly take ownership of your own health care.

I utilize any available resources, including referrals, to provide you the best possible care. The use of modern software and an online patient portal saves a lot of time and minimizes error by streamlining the process of delivering care to you. That, combined with a small practice, enables me to provide personal, high quality, medical care to every patient.

Family Medicine is a field that emphasizes disease prevention and health maintenance and focuses on overall well-being, both individually and as a member of a family. This approach gives the health care provider an excellent opportunity to care for patients. Because family medicine emphasizes the family as well as the individual patient, family physicians care for all ages and family members.

A broad range of services are needed by families. At Rapha Family Medicine, we try to meet those needs. We offer adult and pediatric primary care services, basic gynecology services, opioid dependence treatment and lifestyle intervention for weight loss and diabeties.